Kwena Crocodile Farm

Home to a mind-boggling number of crocs, you certainly get more than you bargained for at the Kwena Gardens. Remember to keep an eye out for Arnold, affectionately known as The Terminator, the world’s biggest captive Nile crocodile.

Feeding session takes place at 16.30 (TBC)


Ziplining at Sun City

Is It A Bird? Is It A Plane? No, It’s Zip 2000 At Sun City!

Regarded as the world’s ‘original extreme zip slide’, Zip 2000 is no ordinary foefie slide. Aimed at thrill-seekers aged 12 years and older, this popular Sun City ride offers an unforgettable experience for the adventurous at heart. Opened in 2004, Zip 2000 previously held the title of the world’s longest, highest and fastest zip slide. Today the Sun City zipline stretches over two kilometres and is still one of the world’s longest zip slides. With an impeccable safety record, Zip 2000 is perfect for team-building experiences or as an activity the whole family can enjoy.

Fun Facts

  • Zip 2000 reaches an average speed of 120km/h
  • The highest ever recorded speed is 185km/h
  • The zipline takes about 180 seconds to complete
  • Zip 2000 has a 100% safety record
  • For more information or to book your Zip 2000 experience, visit the Sun City Welcome Centre.


Chimp & Zee Rope Adventure Park Sun City

Mankwe Gametrackers in a joint venture with Chimp & Zee brings you an exciting new activity at treetop level above the Valley of Waves.

Rope adventure parks are made up of individual elevated obstacles or challenges interconnected to form exciting adventure courses. These courses are typically made up of various ‘elements’ – from high balancing beams, speedy zip lines, hanging spider nets to jungle rope bridges and much more.

Each rope adventure course is designed with specific elements that requires a different approach and set of skills and is therefore considered an excellent developmental tool for both young and old alike.

Rope adventure courses are a fun outdoor recreational activity that is certainly not just for kids, it is ideal for individuals, families and groups wanting to challenge themselves and their abilities.

Sun City Waterworld

Open every day of the week, all year-round, the Sun City Waterworld has a jam-packed menu of exciting activities including mini-car rides, water bumper boats, a trip on the Stimela Train, family boat trips and other aquatic fun.


Lost City Maze

Tell your kids to “get lost!” in the best possible way. The Lost City Maze is a challenging and rewarding activity for the whole family – kids love a challenge!

The whole purpose of a Maze is to confuse and frustrate those who enter. A Maze usually consists of a goal to be reached, usually the centre, and a starting point to try to reach it from. There is usually only one correct path from start to finish, and along the way there are many junctions with additional passages leading in different directions. Many passages fork, and many will become dead ends, or loop back on themselves, forcing one to backtrack and try another route until, finally, the end is reached.

To solve a Maze, one can either follow passages at random, or use some sort of a method (or a map). You can always follow the left or right wall of the Maze, always same direction at every fork or junction. But this doesn’t always work and can take a long time!



You might have a budding pro-golfer in your midst but you won’t know until you tee off. Test out your little one’s skills with an afternoon at the mini-golf course.


Segway Tours

Explore the beautiful gardens and the rolling greens of the legendary golf courses with a guided Segway tour. No experience is required for this fun-filled activity.


Games Arcade

For a respite from the summer sun or for an evening adventure, why not treat your kids to some fun at the arcade in the Entertainment Centre. Filled with hundreds of awesome games and hours of entertainment, the Sun City games arcade is a favourite amongst both the young and the young at heart. You’ll have a hard time dragging the family out of there!


Pilanesberg Game Drive

Remember the indescribable feeling of seeing a mighty elephant or a proud lion for the first time? Give your kids this incredible experience and remember to capture their awe in a family photo with nothing but the African bush in the background.


Quad Bike Safaris

Perfect for your mini daredevils who like nothing more than pretending that they’re speed-demon-superheroes.


Forest of Lights

Discover a magical forest dotted with twinkling lights, hidden pathways and unexpected twists and turns… The new Forest of Lights is a spectacular light installation at the five-star Cascades hotel in the Sun City that will delight young and old alike.

For the little ones:

  •  Stimela Train – All aboard for family fun! Take the kids on a railroad adventure around the Waterworld Lake on the Stimela Train.
  • Bumper boats – next to the lake in front of the Cabanas
  • Animal World – farm animals / birds of prey at the Cabanas
  • Aviary – near the Cascades tennis courts
  • Finders Keepers (treasure dig) – General Mining Store and Scratch Patch offer unique kids’ activities in the form of treasure hunting for precious stones and prizes.
  • Trampolines and fully equipped playground – lake shore at Cabanas
  • Mini-golf and mini-cars – lake shore at Cabanas
  • Kamp Kwena Crèche, ages 0-12 years – Entertainment Centre, upper level
  • Kamp Kwena Fort The perfect place to drop off the little ones for a day of fun and adventure. Offering a wide variety of activities and educational programmes to keep kids aged between 4 – 12 years entertained for hours. Parents can sit back and relax knowing their little ones are taken care of by qualified caretakers.
  • Moviezone – family movies at the cinema – Entertainment Centre
  • Magic Company Games Arcade, for children of all ages – Entertainment Centre