Tutorial Schedule


Tutorial No.TitlePresenters
T1Multitarget Tracking and Multisensor Information Fusion: Recently Developed AdvancedYaakov Bar-Shalom
T2Evaluation of Technologies for Uncertainty ReasoningPaulo Costa, Kathryn Laskey, and Gregor Pavlin
T3Fusion using belief functions: source reliability and conflictFrédéric Pichon and Anne-Laure Jousselme
T4Algorithms for Estimation of Noise Parameters in State Space ModelsOndřej Straka and Jindřich Duník
T5Multisensor Data Fusion for Industry 4.0Claudio M. de Farias and Jose F. B. Brancalion
T6Context-enhanced Information FusionLauro Snidaro and Erik Blasch
T7Stone Soup: an open source tracking and state estimation framework; principles, use and applicationsLyudmil Vladimirov, David Kirkland, Jordi Barr, and Steven Hiscocks
T8Overview of High-Level Information Fusion Theory, Models, and RepresentationsErik Blasch
T9An Introduction to Track-to-Track Fusion and the Distributed Kalman FilterFelix Govaers
T10Poisson multi-Bernoulli mixtures for multiple target trackingÁngel F. García-Fernández and Yuxuan Xia
T11 Multi Sensor Data Fusion for Vehicular Automation and Autonomous Driving: Concepts, Implementations and Evaluation TechniqueBharanidhar Duraisamy, Ting Yuan, Tilo Schwarz, and Martin Fritzsche
T12Analytic Combinatorics for Multi-Object TrackingRoy Streit, R. Blair Angle, and Murat Efe


Denis Garagić, Stefano Coraluppi email: tutorials@fusion2021.co.za